Unique baby gift

Give the Pacifeeder hands-free baby bottle.
The perfect baby gift for parents who are on the go!

unique baby gift

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baby bottle used in car seat
Looking for a unique baby gift?

Pacifeeder is hands down the most unique baby gift you can buy. There are many products which help baby feed during travel, but only Pacifeeder was desinged for car seats and strollers. Our unique SmartGrip strap attachese Pacifeeder to just about any car seat or stoller so bottle can't be tossed. It's also a unique baby gift because it is the only bottle of its kind that has a FlexGuard covering the tubing going to the nipple, which prevents baby from playing with the inner tubing and disconnecting the system.

A unique baby gift that prevents air ingestion.

Pacifeeder makes a unique baby gift because it allows for hands free feeding and reduces air ingestion. Most bottles when used in a car seat or stroller don't allow feeding unless proped up, which can cause leaking of liquid all over baby. Pacifeeder makes a unique baby gift because it is a healthier way of feeding during travel.

Top reasons why Pacifeeder is a unique baby gift.

2-way rotating SmartGrip™ strap connects to just about anything without bottle coming loose!
* Reduces air ingestion by keeping nipple full until bottle is empty
* Built-in cleaning system connects to standard faucets
* Nipple won't leak!
* Liquid flow adjusts to baby's needs
* Our Patented FlexGuard™ acts like an accordian if baby tries to pull on the tubing, preventing their little hands from disconnecting the system. Other designs are exposed!!! Baby will pull the tubing off and what a mess it will be.
* Our unique nipple "snaps" into place and will last 3 times longer than traditional nipples

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Unique baby gift - Hands-free baby bottle by Pacifeeder. Learn what makes Pacifeeder one of the most unique baby gifts you can give a parent..

Unique Baby Gift