Feeding Multiples

Feeding mutiples is easy with the Pacifeeder hands-free baby bottle.
Need and extra hand?

Feeding multiples

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baby bottle used in car seat
Feeding multiples with the Pacifeeder hands-free baby bottle.

Do you have a baby? How about twins or multiples? Did you ever find yourself struggling to feed twins or triplets in the car seat or stroller? Now feeding twins can be easy and convenient. Simple attache the Pacifeeder hands-free baby bottle to any device, prime the nipple so it's full of liquid, and let your baby feed. The nipple will stay full until the bottle is empty to reduce air ingestion. The baby cannot drop the bottle and it won't leak if they let the nipple drop out of their mouth. If they try to play with the tubing, it's ok. The outer tubing protects the inner liquid tube from being touched. This makes feeding twins and triplets ideal.

Feeding multiples while reducing air ingestion and ear infections.

Feeding is not just about getting liquid into baby's stomach...it's about healthy feeding. Pacifeeder promotes doctor recommended semi-upright feeding positions to reduce ear invections. If your feeding twins or triplets while they are laying down, liquid may travel into their ear canal and cause ear infections. To reduce gas, we keep the nipple full at all times until the bottle is empty. This reduces air ingestions and makes baby happier after feeding.

If you're feeding multiple children, you'll understand the need for an extra hand.

Consider the alternative. Let baby cry and scream (causing you and baby stress) until you can sit down and feed twins or triplets. Or, use the Pacifeeder hands-free baby bottle when traveling. Keep baby hydrated and happy. Bonding with baby is always suggested, but when you have multiples it's hard at times.

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Feeding multiples - use the hands-free baby bottle by Pacifeeder. Pacifeeder is the ideal baby bottle for feeding twins and triplets when you need and extra hand. Feeding twins and triplets has never been easier.