Pacifeeder. Don't settle for anything less.

2-Way Rotating Strap
Nipple Stays Full of Liquid and Tubing Won't Disconnect!
Nipple Won't Leak!
Liquid Flow Adjusts
Built-in Cleaning System
The two-way adjustable Smart-Grip Strap attaches Pacifeeder to almost any baby seat! One part of the strap securely attaches to the bottle. The secondary strap is riveted by stainless steel (won't rust) to allow the two straps to rotate. This allows the strap to connect to anything AND lets the bottle move and rotate as baby moves.
The nipple and tubing stay full of liquid to prevent air ingestion! Our FlexGuard™ covers the liquid tube and acts like an accordion when little hands try to pull on the tubing. This prevents the system from being disconnected! Other designs leave their tubing exposed!
Pacifeeder's unique Smart Flow System also prevents leaking! When baby stops drinking or drops the nipple (letting it hang down), it will not drip all over your car, car seat, stroller, etc. Other designs have no flow control to prevent this.
The Smart Flow System adjusts the liquid flow automatically, based on how hard the baby sucks. Our built-in one way valve opens very slightly when baby's sucking is low. However, the system will open much more when sucking pressure increases.
The built-in flushing system makes cleaning easy! Fits any standard faucet to flush out tubing and SmartFlow System (our flow control adapter that connects to the nipple). You can use this to clean all liquid tubes. We include a very nice cleaning brush, but you probably won't need it.