Double Stroller

Pacifeeder hands-free baby bottle.

double stroller

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baby bottle double stroller
Double stroller baby bottle

If you've got a double stroller, you've got more than 2 children. Feeding twins or more than 2 children is now possible with the Pacifeeder hands free baby bottle. Attach the Pacifeeder to the double stroller and let baby feed hands free. Learn more

double stroller


Double strollers means twice the effort. Two children, 2 bottles (or more) and twice the weight. Why not make your job easier with the Pacifeeder hands free baby bottle for double strollers. Now you don't have to hold the bottle and baby feeds when they want. They can't throw or drop the bottle.

Double strollers mean more work!

A double stroller may be more work, but with the Pacifeeder, feeding in one is not. Feeding with a Pacifeeder is the only way to prevent air ingestion, prevent tossed bottles, and reduce ear infections. All of this can be accomplished while feeding in a double stroller.

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Baby Stroller - Pacifeeder makes the hands-free baby bottle for car seats and baby strollers.

Double Stroller