Creative baby shower gift

Pacifeeder hands free baby bottle
for car seats and strollers is a creative baby shower gift.

creative baby shower gift

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creative baby shower gift idea
Why Pacifeeder makes a creative baby shower gift.

A hands free baby bottle that connects to car seats and strollers is unique and makes a very creative baby shower gift. You'll probably be the only one giving a baby shower gift that prevents air ingestion, bottle tossing, and leaking during feeding time, especially during travel. Don't buy a regular baby bottle when you can give the Pacifeeder!

creative baby shower gift

Buy a creative baby shower gift and be the hero of the baby shower.

Everyone that sees the Pacifeeder always says "how cool is that." Or, "now that will make a great baby shower gift." Only the Pacifeeder hands free baby bottle offers our unique 2 way rotating strap which attaches the bottle to any car seat or stroller. The nipple stays full of liquid until the bottle is empty to reduce air ingestion. When you give the Pacifeeder as a baby shower gift, tell them baby will have less air in their stomach, they won't drop the bottle, and it promotes docotor recommended semi-upright feeding to help reduce ear infections.

Have you given a baby shower gift to a friend before?

Don't be afraid to buy a baby shower gift. Some people feel they may offend their friend by buying something they may not like. If you know the mother or father doesn't like to use bottles and feeds their child through breast feeding, the Pacifeeder may not be the choice for a baby shower gift. If they do, you'll do well by giving them the Pacifeeder.

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Pacifeeder® is a US Registered Trademark.

Creative Baby Shower Gift - Hands-free baby bottle by Savi Baby. Give the most creative baby shower gift that will make feeding baby during travel safe and convenient. The most creative baby shower gift you can buy!

Creative baby shower gift