Cool baby gift

When people see the Pacifeeder, they say that will make a "cool baby gift."
Not only is it a cool baby gift, it will keep baby cool when the're hot and thursty.

cool baby gift

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cool baby gift, isn't it!
What a cool baby gift!

Pacifeeder is a truly the top hands free baby bottle on the market. Sure, it's a cool baby gift, but it's hands down the single best system you can buy. You DO get what you pay for and we've never had a single return. Our record speaks for itself and while people glare at one being used in the mall or in theme parks, they always say "look how cool." Yes, it's a very cool baby gift.

Built-in Cleaning System

The cool baby gift that's got cool a built-in cleaning system to flush the tubing. The two-way rotating SmartGrip strap so Pacifeeder won't fall to the ground. The really cool flex-guard which prevents baby from disconnecting the system with their roving hands. Pacifeeder's a cool baby gift that keeps baby cool when their hot and need to stay hydrated.

Cool baby gift for cool kids

No only does Pacifeeder work for babies, but we've seen our customers' older kids strap one to their belt with their favorite drink. Now they can cruise aroun the neighborhood and drink hands-free. We didn't design the Pacifeeder for this purpose, but it's cool to see what kids do with it. I think bigger brother and sister get jelous when they see their baby brother or sister using the cool baby gift they didn't get.

Savi Baby, LLC

Pacifeeder® is a US Registered Trademark.

Cool baby gift - Pacifeeder hands-free baby bottle for car seats and strollers. The cool baby gift that keeps baby cool, too! Get the coolest baby gift by Pacifeeder.