Colic relief

Colic relief- The Pacifeeder hands- free baby bottle.

colic relief

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baby bottle holder
How does Pacifeeder offer Colic Relief?

Pacifeeder has a unique smartflow system which keeps the nipple full of air at all times. The built-in primer fills the nipple with liquid so baby does not have to suck up air first. The main tubing above the bottle is a "cover" which prevents the inner tube from being touched and disconnected.

baby bottle holder

No air. Just liquid.

As baby drinks from the nipple, a constant flow of liquid is delivered. No air bubbles or gaps of sucking air. Just pure liquid until the bottle is empty. In addition, baby is sitting up like adults do. This prevents ear infections as liquid cannot drip into the inner ear.

Colic relief a few days away!

Once you try pacifeeder, you'll wonder how youi ever traveled without it. No air, no bottle dropping, and upright feeding is healthier.

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Pacifeeder® is a US Registered Trademark.

Colic relief - the Pacifeeder hands free baby bottle is a baby bottle holder which allows baby to feed hands free in car seats and strollers. The most natural colic relief system available.