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Pacifeeder hands-free baby bottle for strollers.

baby stroller

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baby bottle
Baby stroller baby bottle

Pacifeeder is hands down the #1 baby stroller baby bottle. We designed the hands-free baby bottle to attach to baby strollers and car seats to prevent bottles from being thrown or droped.


Now baby can feed semi-upright while in their baby stroller which will help prevent ear infections. Baby can't drink from a regular bottle while sitting up, but they can with a Pacifeeder.

Do you have a baby stroller?

When your child's in a baby stroller, they will want to feed. Even if their too old for a baby bottle, you would give the liquid...right? Why not let them use the Pacifeeder which prevents air ingestion and offers a leak-proof solution for keeping hydrated. Since the Pacifeeder connects to the baby stroller, it will not fall nor can baby trow it!

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Pacifeeder® is a US Registered Trademark.
Baby Stroller

Baby Stroller - Pacifeeder makes the hands-free baby bottle for car seats and baby strollers.