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Baby products for Car Seats and Strollers! Pacifeeder Hands-free baby bottle by Savi Baby.

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Learn about our baby product the
Pacifeeder hands-free baby.

There are very few baby products that are designed with baby feeding and travel in mind. The pacifeeder is the only baby product exclusively designed for car seats and strollers. All our development was focused around standard baby strollers and car seats.

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Looking for the perfect baby product gift?

Pacifeeder makes the perfect baby product gift for baby showers. Give the only baby product that makes feeding baby healthier and more convenient. The Pacifeeder is one of the most unique baby gifts you can buy and is the only baby product not sold in mass merchants, ebay or stores which sell second hand baby products. Pacifeeder is a high-quality, expensive baby product sole in specialty retail or and Internet companies which specialize in baby products.

Is the Pacifeeder Safe?

All baby products have to go through a difficult consumer federal regulation process. The CFR insures that the baby product is made to standards which make it safe for children. Any baby product which does not meet the CFR guidelines may be a serious safety hazard and should not be sold. The Pacifeeder exceeded all CFR standards for which it needed compliance. Always check with the baby product manufacturer to derermine if their baby product meets the CFR standards.

Savi Baby, LLC

Pacifeeder® is a US Registered Trademark.

Baby Products from Savi Baby - the manufacturer of the hands free baby bottle. Our baby products are unique and made to extremely high baby product manufacturing standards.
Baby Products