Baby gift idea

Baby gift idea - give the Pacifeeder hands-free baby bottle.
The perfect baby gift idea for expecting parents.

Baby gift idea

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baby gift idea
A great baby gift idea. Pacifeeder

Short on time and money? Pacifeeder is a great baby gift idea. We ship fast! You can order next day delivery, or let it get there in 3 or so days. If you're short on time for that perfect gift idea, let us help. Order online or call us now and let us know how soon you need it. We'll make sure your baby gift gets there in time.

baby gift ideas

Built-in Cleaning System

Everyone always asks "how do you clean it." Well, simple. This great baby gift idea cleans like all other baby product parts. Dishwasher save or boiled (except the outer protective tubing). Our cleaning system lets you connect to a standard faucet to flust the liquid tube and valve system. Great baby gift ideas begin with Pacifeeder.

Baby Gift Idea - Healthier Feeding

Sure, Pacifeeder's a great baby gift idea, but it's a life saver. Anyone who has used it says they can't live without it. Sure they can...but we like to hear it. Convenience is second to health. Our nipple reduces air ingestion and the system promoted doctor recommended semi-upright feeding to help reduce ear infections. Pacifeeder's a great baby gift idea. Click below to learn more.

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Baby Gift Idea - hands-free baby bottle for car seats and strollers. Need a baby gift idea - look no further. Pacifeeder is the perfect baby gift idea for expecting parents.

Baby gift idea