Baby bottle with tube

The Best Baby Bottle for Car Seats and Strollers...HANDS DOWN.
Baby Bottle with tube

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baby bottle used in car seat
Pacifeeder baby bottle with tubes

Attach the Pacifeeder to any car seat and baby can feed hands-free. No more dropping the bottle onto the floor now can baby throw the baby bottle at you while driving! How many times have you tried to hold the baby bottle while your child was in the car seat? Now you don't have to.

Unique features

Even though your Pacifeeder is designed for car seats, it's also designed to clean easily. Simply connect the built-in cleaning system to any standard faucet and clean the inner liquid tube. The outer larger tubing is designed to prevent baby's hands from disconnecting the tubing while feeding in a car seat or stroller. The only baby bottle with tubes that cannot be disconnnected.

Can Pacifeeder be used with any bottle?
Pacifeeder uses an hour-glass shape baby bottle which works with our two-way Velcro strap to prevent the baby bottle from slipping through and falling. The tubing comes out from the top to a traditional style nipple (not a pacifier).

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Pacifeeder® is a US Registered Trademark.

Baby Bottle with tube-Pacifeeder Hands-free Baby Bottle. Pacifeeder was designed for car seats to make feeding more safe while driving.









Pacifeeder® is a US Registered Trademark