Baby bottle straw

Baby bottle straw -Pacifeeder hands-free baby works like
a baby bottle straw but liquid stays in nipple at all times.

Baby bottle straw

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baby bottle straw
Pacifeeder works like a baby bottle straw, but much better than you think.

Simply allowing baby to feed using a baby bottle straw is not healthy. Each time they stop sucking, they have to suck up air until the liquid enters their mouth. All that air gets swallowed and causes pain in their belly. We've taken the concept of a baby bottle straw ten steps further. Our unique design allows liquid to be drawn from the bottle into a nipple, but the liquid doesn't go back down. It stays in the nipple to reduce air ingestion.

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Looking for a baby bottle straw?

The only way we work like a baby bottle straw is the fact that we use liquid tubing from iside the bottle to the nipple outside the bottle. Our tubing connects to a special adapter which has a one way valve...allowing liquid to go up, but now down. This is different than a baby bottle straw which has now flow control. Without flow control, their is air ingestions which Pacifeeder reduces.

Make sure the baby bottle staw cannot be touched by baby.

Other designs that use the "baby bottle straw" concept have exposed tubing. This lets baby direcly handle the tubing, which means they can disconnect the system and spill liquid all over themselves and whatever they are sitting in. Pacifeeder's "baby bottle straw" is covered with a special FlexGuard cover that simple slides up and down if baby tries to grab it...preventing the tubing from being pulled apart.

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Baby bottle straw - Pacifeeder hands free baby bottle

Baby bottle straw - hands free baby bottle by Pacifeeder. Pacifeeder work like a baby sports bottle with a baby bottle straw that connects to a nipple.

Baby bottle straw