Baby Bottle Strap

Pacifeeder's two-way rotating SmartGrip
baby bottle strap lets baby feed hands free without bottle tossing.

Baby Bottle Strap

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baby bottle strap

Baby Bottle Strap by Pacifeeder

Only Pacifeeder's strap was granted a US patent for its unique design in attaching a bottle to a baby stroller or car seat. Our strap uses two riveted pieces of Velcro. One piece attaches around the hour-glass shape bottle. The hour-glass shap prevents the bottle from sliding through the baby bottle strap. The longer piece attaches to any device to keep it close to baby. Our baby bottle strap rotates so baby can move and the baby bottle strap moves with them.

baby bottle strap - SmartGrip by Pacifeeder

If the baby bottle strap doesn't work, the baby bottle falls to the ground.

Holding a baby bottle close to baby has been attempted for many years. But if the baby moves, the bottle usually falls away from its position. Our unique baby bottle strap lets you connect the Pacifeeder baby bottlle anywhere. Then, the nipple attached to the tubing can be placed in baby's mouth...allowing for hands-free feeding.

Need a baby bottle strap? need a baby bottle strap? The Pacifeeder is a complete hands free feeding system which comes complete as shown. Attach Pacifeeder to any device and baby can feed hands free. Attach the baby bottle strap to any car seat, sroller, baby back pack, high-chair, or anywhere you need an extra hand. Click the button below to learn about each of the Pacifeeder features, including the unique baby bottle strap.

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Baby bottle strap - Pacifeeder hands-free baby bottle uses a two-way rotaing baby bottle strap to keep the baby bottle from droping or being thrown.

Baby Bottle Strap