Baby bottle holder

Baby bottle holder - The Pacifeeder hands- free baby bottle with built-in bottle holder.

baby bottle holder

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baby bottle holder
Need a baby bottle holder?

Connect the velcro strap to any car seat, stoller, high-chair, etc. and you've got a hands free baby bottle holder. Many devices claim to hold the baby bottle in place, but force the baby to stay in one position and do not prevent leaking, air ingestion, or reduce ear infections. Only the Pacifeeder has a true baby bottle holder system which straps the hours-glass shape bottle to just about any device.

baby bottle holder

Our patented baby bottle holder is the best!

Only the Pacifeeder received a patent on it's unique baby bottle holder. The SmartGrap strap has two rotating pieces of velcro which rotate to allow the bottle to connect to a vertical or horizontal device or member. If the baby bottle holder does allow the bottle to move as baby does, the feeding system will not function properly.

Can our baby bottle holder work with any baby bottle?

Our baby bottle holder is designed to work with any hour-glass shape bottle or doughnut shape bottles (with holes in the middle). We suggest that you use our velcro baby bottle holder system with our baby bottle for best results..

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Pacifeeder® is a US Registered Trademark.

Baby bottle holder - the Pacifeeder hands free baby bottle is a baby bottle holder which allows baby to feed hands free in car seats and strollers.
The most natural baby bottle holder available.