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The Best Baby Bottle for Car Seats and Strollers...HANDS DOWN.
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baby bottle used in car seat
How the Pacifeeder hands-free baby bottle system works.

Pacifeeder¨ hands-free feeding system promotes doctor recommended semi-upright feeding positions Pacifeeder is the only baby bottle which cannot be thrown or dropped while being used. Pacifeeder is the best baby bottle for car seats and strollers and is used to help keep baby hydratated during traveling situations. Simply fill the Pacifeeder with liquid and squeeze the nipple until it becomes full of liquid. The nipple will stay full of liquid until the bottle is empty. This reduces air ingestion and pevents the gas buildup.

baby bottle easy

How to clean the Pacifeeder baby bottle

Cleaning the Pacifeeder is simple! Simple take it apart and boil or put parts in dishwasher. The built-in cleaning system connects to any standard faucet and flushes the long tubing and nipple adapter. The larger flexible tubing that comes out from the top of the Pacifeeder does not have liquid flowing through it, so it only needs to be cleaned when necessarry. Pacifeeder baby bottle can be boiled, steamed, or put in the dishwasher. Only Pacifeeder offers a built in cleaning system.

Can Pacifeeder be used with any baby bottle?

Pacifeeder uses an hour-glass shape baby bottle which works with our two-way Velcro strap to prevent the Pacifeeder from slipping through and falling. We suggest you use our baby bottle, but it will fit standard size baby bottle with the same opening diameter. The Pacifeeder also converts to a regular baby bottle using any of your standard nipples.


Pacifeeder¨ is a US Registered Trademark.

Pacifeeder Hands-free baby botle. Unlike any other baby bottle.

Pacifeeder¨ is a US Registered Trademark